One of the first questions people ask me is, "How much do you charge?" 

Tricky question.....

Obviously weddings are expensive, and you're on a budget...but one of the BIGGEST mistakes people make is picking a DJ based on price alone! While you might save $100 or $200 with a "cheaper" DJ, keep this in mind...YOU'LL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!  

Think about how much money you're spending on a wedding! 

  1. The Venue

  2. Photographer /Video

  3. Food

  4. Dress

  5. Cake

  6. Flowers

  7. Photo Booth

  8. Wedding Favors​

  9. Etc.

After adding all of this up, do you really want to take a chance on "cheap DJ"...

The ONE person responsible for making sure your guests leave saying...

"That was so much fun! It was the best wedding I've ever been to!"

Remember, a DJ can "MAKE OR BREAK" your wedding! Is this where you really want to cut corners?

THAT BEING SAID, my prices are well below the national average for DJ prices!

And my prices are ALL INCLUSIVE, no hidden fees!

This is a GREAT article about what goes into a DJ's pricing, and why we charge what we do...


A good DJ is MUCH more than someone who can play line dances and announce the cake cutting!

I'd be happy to tell you more about my pricing, and why I should be charging a lot more! ;)